My Biggest Takeaways from – Hard Knocks: Los Angeles 2020’s mantra of weirdness isn’t going away. In what many Americans consider one of the strangest and depressing years we have faced in the last century, the trend continued on the big series premiere, HBO’s Hard Knocks. On Tuesday evening, it premiered the Chargers and RamsContinue reading “HARD KNOCKS TAKING A HARD TURN”

The Day I Thought My Time On Earth Was Over Because Of The Coronavirus

Imagine a summer moment where you are sipping an ice-cold beverage on your deck with an enjoyable beach playlist drowning out any dead air. A panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, conversing with some of your best friends while basking in the sunny San Diego, California sun. Throwing down some delicious barbeque meats on theContinue reading “The Day I Thought My Time On Earth Was Over Because Of The Coronavirus”

Ex-Chargers RB Melvin Gordon Thrives In Home Field “Dis”-Advantage

What’s up? It’s been a while.  This is The OCF checking in. Time to clock in.  Former running back, Melvin Gordon III, who once played for the San Diego Chargers of Los Angeles County spoke on a topic where the NFL might face a situation this season where teams will be forced to play inContinue reading “Ex-Chargers RB Melvin Gordon Thrives In Home Field “Dis”-Advantage”


Wishing a Happy 37th Birthday to Franklin Gore! On Cinco De Mayo, instead of blacking out on cheap tequila, Frank Gore signed a one-year deal with the New York Jets. The five-time pro bowler will team up in the backfield with LeVeon Bell and assist the putrid Jets offensive line in pass protection for SamContinue reading “HAPPY 37TH BIRTHDAY FRANK GORE”

Manziel Needs To Compete For His PGA Tour Card

Johnny Manziel displayed a dive that showed zero athleticism but the 27-year-old still has enough athletic ability to tee off professionally. Johnny Backflip? He made news this way: I would give his backflip (belly flop) dive a 2.3 score. Body awareness? John is not quite Greg Louganis yet but he can always work on it!Continue reading “Manziel Needs To Compete For His PGA Tour Card”