WOTM Daily Rundown 10.21

The Los Angeles Dodgers Dominate World Series Game 1 Behind Kershaw, Bellinger, and Betts. 2) Blake Finessed A Rose From The Bachelorette. 3) Tua Tagovailoa Is Named Dolphins Starter.

The Day I Thought My Time On Earth Was Over Because Of The Coronavirus

Imagine a summer moment where you are sipping an ice-cold beverage on your deck with an enjoyable beach playlist drowning out any dead air. A panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, conversing with some of your best friends while basking in the sunny San Diego, California sun. Throwing down some delicious barbeque meats on theContinue reading “The Day I Thought My Time On Earth Was Over Because Of The Coronavirus”


6/2/2020. The United States of America is in turmoil. Due to the ignorant views that our insufferable President displays on a public and virtual basis, the whiplash from angry protesters who have commenced in violent rioting is causing a scarring division between US citizens. The riots have stemmed from the disturbing video in Minnesota ofContinue reading “BLACKOUT TUESDAY”


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