Farewell Malachi Flynn, Junior Declares For NBA Draft

Malachi Flynn Decides To Turn Pro. SDSU’s best player last season who led the Aztecs to a (30-2) record and No.6 national ranking in the country is deciding to cash in with his on-court value by turning pro and forgoing his senior season of eligibility.  Malachi Flynn, the Mountain West Player of the Year isContinue reading “Farewell Malachi Flynn, Junior Declares For NBA Draft”

Is The Office this century’s Seinfeld?

March 24th, 2005. Markdown that date.  The only thing that I can mention about the beginning of the 2020 decade that isn’t COVID—19 related, is the bizarro aspect of it. Roaring 20’s, my ass. I am surprised my eyeballs haven’t drooped out of my sockets. Ever since Rudy Gobert was proverbially dubbed as “Patient-Zero” forContinue reading “Is The Office this century’s Seinfeld?”