–Halloween Shenanigans –College Football: -Clemson survives B.C without generational talent, Trevor Lawrence. –Ohio State rolls Penn. State/Justin Fields on pace to win Heisman trophy. Pro Football: – Steelers legitimacy? Fraud Ravens? – Chargers still hold “Find Most Creative Ways To Lose” Supremacy –Vikings rolls Packers at Lambeau, Raiders raid a victory in snowy Cleveland, ChiefsContinue reading “WOTM DAILY RUNDOWN – 11.2.2020”


– Dale’s In Pain (0:00 – 0:33) – DK Metcalf Might Have Sealed The Play Of The Year. . . As A Defender (0:40 – 2:02) – Steelers Outlast Titans (2:03 – 2:40) – The Atlanta Falcons Are A Comically, Atrocious Football Team (2:41 – 2:54) – OBJ; Torn ACL. Are Hyping Up The BrownsContinue reading “WOTM DAILY RUNDOWN 10.26”


My Biggest Takeaways from – Hard Knocks: Los Angeles 2020’s mantra of weirdness isn’t going away. In what many Americans consider one of the strangest and depressing years we have faced in the last century, the trend continued on the big series premiere, HBO’s Hard Knocks. On Tuesday evening, it premiered the Chargers and RamsContinue reading “HARD KNOCKS TAKING A HARD TURN”

The Day I Thought My Time On Earth Was Over Because Of The Coronavirus

Imagine a summer moment where you are sipping an ice-cold beverage on your deck with an enjoyable beach playlist drowning out any dead air. A panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, conversing with some of your best friends while basking in the sunny San Diego, California sun. Throwing down some delicious barbeque meats on theContinue reading “The Day I Thought My Time On Earth Was Over Because Of The Coronavirus”