The 2021 Masters Preview w/ Corey Peterson

SDSU Alumni, Corey Peterson joins Will & Dale to preview the 2021 Masters Tournament

Will & Dale chat w/ Corey Peterson about the 2021 Masters Tournament:

Monologue (0:00–3:18)

“Formal” Introductions (3:20–4:50)

Best Golf Games to Play with Friends on Course(4:52–7:02)

The Masters Odds (8:31–12:52)

Weight Training for Young Golf Athletes, The DeChambeau Rule (14:26–20:30)

Spieth’s (Finally) Off the Schneid (25:01–27:55)

Justin Thomas Outlook (28:00–30:11)

Who’s The Next Face of Golf? (30:13–34:16)

A Triumphant Tiger Comeback? Charlie Woods in 2039 (34:18–43:39)

Masters Pick$ (43:41–47:06)

49ers QB Situation (47:10–48:31)


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