Matt Skraby (EP For Gwynn & Chris – 97.3 The Fan) The Future of Radio Row

Featuring Matt Skraby – Executive Producer for Gwynn & Chris on 97.3 The Fan

Introduction: Transitioning from a sales representative to talk radio intern to sports radio producer (0:00–10:58)

The Butterfly Effect of our radio career path’s crossing based off a distasteful tweet (11:01–16:31)

Adjusting to COVID related challenges at work (16:32–22:26)

Radio Row Stories, LeVeon Bell’s french fry incident, Pissing next to Drew Brees, Locking eyes with Patrick Mahomes (22:29–32:07)

Skraby’s Sobriety Decision (32:30–42:07)

Is Patrick Reed a cheater? Pointless CBS complaint roundtable, and Tiger’s Sex Addiction (42:10–56:56)

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