Kelly Kerrigan (Impose Magazine Writer) Interview

Featuring Kelly Kerrigan – SDSU Alumni, Impose Freelance Writer, Music Festival Insider)

Will Galvez and Kelly Kerrigan talk about:

– Intro: SDSU Undergrad, KCR College Radio Roots, Hepner Hall Gymnastics (0:00-6:41)

– The current state of on-campus life & advice for future Journalism students (Post-Covid) (7:13-13:32)

– Why did Kelly choose to move to San Diego from Illinois? (13:33-16:08)

– Being President of the Hunger Games Fan Account Club (17:18-19:57)

– Impose Magazine/ A Dream Career? (24:55-28:48)

– The Cancel Culture Vultures (30:03-33:38)

– Women in Media, Creepy Guy’s DM’s, Dick Pics (33:40-40:36)

– What will Music Festivals look like in the future (Post-Covid)? / Pandemic Creativity (40:57-55:48)

– SPEED ROUND – Would John Hughes films thrive in the social media era? PB or Wrigleyville? #TeamTrujillos or #TeamPanchos??? Twin Language? (56:00-59:00)

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