Ex-Chargers RB Melvin Gordon Thrives In Home Field “Dis”-Advantage

What’s up? It’s been a while. 

This is The OCF checking in. Time to clock in. 

Former running back, Melvin Gordon III, who once played for the San Diego Chargers of Los Angeles County spoke on a topic where the NFL might face a situation this season where teams will be forced to play in front of zero fans due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Bro, we didn’t have any fans anyway,” the newly acquired Bronco said.

Here is Gordon, responding to Marcus Cromartie in an interview posted on Twitter:

“How Would You Feel Going Into These Games With No Fans In The Stadium?” :

“I’ll be honest, we didn’t have many Chargers fans at the game.”

There is factual evidence behind Mr. Gordon’s retort. 

Thanks a lot, Dean Spanos? Just another reason for highlighting your stupidity. Dean is routinely a strong candidate to win the W.O.I.P.S.A every season –– The Worst Owner In Professional Sports Award.

Home Field Disadvantage!

Melvin Gordon played for one playoff team during his tenure with the Bolts and that wasn’t until the Chargers’ second-year out of San Diego in 2018 when they finished the year at (12-4) and still didn’t earn the AFC West crown because of Patrick Mahomes II.

I was fortunate enough to see a Sunday Night Football matchup in Denver, Colorado. At what was then called, Mile High Stadium, where my Chargers rallied from a 24-7 deficit at halftime during LaDainian Tomlinson’s MVP campaign and during the same magical 2006 (14-2) season. 

I attended that game with my father. Gametime temperature was a cool 29 degrees Fahrenheit and decreasing. He wore his “Good Luck” liquor store quality Charger beanie that was too small for his head and suffered frostbite on his left ear while a bunch of whiny-donkey fans continually chirped us until we took the lead and won. 

Great memories.

If COVID–19 continues to rear its ugly head within the United States, Rodger Goodell might be forced to send out a memo stating that NFL stadiums will be empty for this season. 

There is some truth to what Melvin said about there being no fans at Chargers games. While attending the University of Wisconsin, he starred in front of 80,321 screaming Badger fans every Saturday and in his third pro season, he was relegated to playing in a cruddy soccer stadium. 

Melvin Gordon should host an online Zoom seminar for his new Denver Bronco teammates on obtaining the mental capacity to play in front of ZERO loud, piss-drunk fans.

Home Field Disadvantage Rules!

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