2020 Chargers Schedule

The San Diego Chargers of Los Angeles County have released their (tentative) 2020 Schedule.

Interesting note. The Chargers have only “two” primetime games this season. None of which they are hosting in their new palace that they are renting from.

Roger Goodell is probably biting his tongue on giving the Bolts any home games due to the fact that they struggled for the past three seasons selling out an old, MLS stadium. On top of his overwhelmingly large-amount of twitter mentions filled with embarrassing pictures of empty seats and opposing team fans cheering. 

This might be attributed to the fact that Philip Rivers is no longer an employee of the team.  

Stanley “Landlord” Kroenke’s favorite tenant’s, the Los Angeles Rams, will pop SoFi Stadium’s virginity cherry by facing the Dallas Cowboys on a Week 1, national stage, Sunday Night Football showdown.


Week 5: Monday Night Football game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome against a 41-year-old Drew Brees. 

Cool Brees is (3-0) against his old squad since departing in Free Agency in 2006 due to a torn labrum.

Week 15: The Chargers will travel on Interstate-15 and head to Las Vegas to play the Raiders in their brand-new, Allegiant Stadium (aka The Death Star).

The Las Vegas Raiders. . . Why does that actually have a nice ring to it?

The NFL is still being optimistic that the regular season will start on time giving the status of the coronavirus pandemic.

Other notable game(s): 

In Week 5, Anthony Lynn’s squad will travel to Tampa Bay to take on Tom Brady and the revived Buccaneers. 

The Chargers might also set an NFL record for the amount of 40-year-old quarterbacks they will face in a single season. Maybe some of these other teams can dust off their landline telephones and dial-up Vinny Testaverde, George Blanda, and Brett Favre for them to face off against.

Week 2 & 17 versus the mighty, Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes II is the NFL version of Ken Griffey Jr during the 1997 MLB season. Highlight machine.

The biggest questions for the Chargers if there is, indeed, an NFL season.

  1. Is their make-shift offensive line enough to withstand an NFL pass-rush?
  2. Will Justin Herbert be starting under center before or after Thanksgiving?
  3. Las Vegas is giving the Chargers 7.5 wins. Are you taking those odds?

Refer to me as “The O.C.F” from now on

The Optimistic Charger Fan.

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