Baltimore Ravens safety Earl Thomas was held at gunpoint by his wife last month after he was caught naked with his mistress and brother, Seth Davis, in the same bed.

Mrs. Thomas is accusing Earl of cheating on her with another female.

This headline is reminiscent to a type of scene you watch in a movie filmed by Todd Phillips.

TMZ was the first to report on this case. The police report that was obtained explained that his wife, Nina Thomas, along with two other women were bearing arms and went to confront the former All-Pro Safety in the Airbnb rental home they were staying at. 

Here’s the kicker.

According to sources based off of the TMZ Website:

Nina claims Earl, 30, left their home earlier in the day after an argument over the NFL player’s drinking. She claims Earl’s brother, Seth Thomas, picked him up.

But, a short time later, she decided to check on his whereabouts by logging into his Snapchat account — and that’s when she says she found a video of Earl with another woman.

Nina says she used Earl’s Snapchat account to track his location to a nearby Airbnb rental home … and says she called up two other women to help her confront Earl at the pad. Nina also claims she grabbed Earl’s pistol, a 9mm Berreta, in the process with the intention to “scare him,” TMZ reports.

Earl Thomas updating his followers about his current situation:

Without any context, this is an extremely cryptic video. Considering what we have learned in the past few hours, Thomas, 31, will see how his fate plays out.

Personal safety is by far the most important factor in this whole debacle. It’s encouraging that no one was harmed. The couple cooperated with law enforcement once all of the weapons were collected.

Infidelity is a serious matter and it’s not fair for Nina, Earl or their children to go through this low time.

Yet, Nina Thomas going full, Lieutenant Anita Van Buren by discovering evidence and unfortunately stumbling across a video of “another woman” on Earl’s Snapchat account makes this story that much more enticing. HIS SNAPCHAT! 

This reinforces how imperative it is to be alert at what you’re posting on social media and to cover your digital tracks.

Unless of course, you are Ray Allen.

Time for the court system to dictate the consequences for Earl Thomas.


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