Tua Will Rep No. 1 In Miami Gardens This Fall. 

After being selected fifth overall in the 2020 NFL Draft and dawning No. 13 for the Crimson Tide, Tua Tagovailoa will debut for the Miami Dolphins wearing a large, crisp “1” on his jersey.

Lucky number 13 is out of commission because of some guy named, Dan Marino? 

Yes, that guy.

Dan Marino is so underrated, it’s disgusting. He was Patrick Mahomes II before the public knew it. In 1984, Marino passed for 5,084 yards and 48 TD passes. 

Remember, this was during the era when defensive backs could molest wide receivers down field, linebackers could decapitate inside route runners, and D-Linemen could tee off of on quarterbacks without being fined. 


Rick Ross, how excited are you for Tua to be your guy?

Tom Brady is a Buccaneer. Sam Darnold will be too distracted swapping spit with tramps. Josh Allen can launch a football out of Orchard Park flat-footed.

Tagovailoa can learn the pro-game under the tutelage of veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick.

 Can Tua lift the woeful Miami Dolphins out of the AFC East cellar?

Las Vegas is giving the Fins 6 wins if COVID–19 doesn’t wipe out the season.

I’d put money on those odds.

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