Telvin, Telvin, Telvin.

Telvin Smith was arrested earlier this week by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in a statement issued on Duval County Jail’s website. 

This genius was charged with one count of “unlawful sexual activity with certain minors.” She was 17 years old. 

T.S was booked in jail and later released on a $50,003 bond. 

Quick interjection: Who decides the obscure extra dollar amount on a large fine such as this one listed? What exactly is that “three dollars” contributing to?

Dude, what are you doing?!

Apparently, Smith met this girl at her work in August of 2019 and played the creeper card by continuously trying to hit her up when it was made evident that she was not of legal age and he was well over a decade older than her. 

Let’s make matters worse. According to sources, reports have surfaced where the warrant described a scenario where Smith, 29, paid $200 to the poor, young lady to keep her mouth shut.  

The underaged teenager accepted $100 and purchased emergency contraception. 

Based on a forensic search, DNA samples (found in Smith’s vehicle) have been matched. Audio recordings obtained by the police have the former Jaguar making “kissing noises” and referring to the underage girl as “baby”. 

This video above is from last November where the 6’2, 220lb linebacker’s Cadillac was being towed away and where real-life Horatio Caine and his CSI-style van spent hours on Telvin’s property searching for evidence on this case.

Csi Miami GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Smith was selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the fifth round of the 2014 Draft after he was busted for smoking pot during the NFL Combine.

His 581 tackles since his rookie year rank fourth among linebackers in that span and earned second-team All-Pro honors in 2017.

No way in hell another teams signs him but then again. . . this is the NFL we are talking about.

You’re an idiot, Telvin Smith.


© Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

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