It took 30 years of pissing and moaning but the new threads have arrived.

The San Diego Chargers of Los Angeles County have unveiled their brand new jerseys to the public.

 I will lead with this, they are actually incredible. 

These eye candy uni’s are like glancing at SI Swimsuit model Camille Kostek.

Upon my unmitigated devastation towards the Chargers leaving San Diego, the marketing department, Nike, and the NFL hit an upper-deck grand slam. 

By implementing the retro 1960’s powder blue uniforms when Lance “Bambi” Alworth was catching slant routes. To the Royal Blue color rush Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow, and Air-Coryell era jerseys. To a modernized Dark Navy color rush design that screams out Junior Seau and LaDainian Tomlinson.

The helmets will also display the player’s numbers. I love these. It is undisputed, the Chargers have the best collection of uniforms in the NFL by a mile. No contest.

As much as we are gassing up their spiffy ensembles though, it is imperative to remember that unless the team is producing a winning product on the field, their new swagger won’t mean much. 

Going through another (5-11) season would be detrimental. Losing a bunch of games never looks good no matter how beautiful the jersey combinations are. Similar to Candice Swanepoel falling on her clumsy ass in the middle of the runway during the 2016 Givenchy Spring Show.

With the departure of Philip Rivers jetting off to sign with the Indianapolis Colts, one of the biggest question marks is at the quarterback position. Head coach Anthony Lynn has vehemently stood behind journeyman quarterback, Tyrod Taylor as the man who can lead the Bolts back to the postseason. 

Rumors have swirled around Justin Herbert and Tua Tagovailoa. Other mock drafts have pegged Georgia offensive tackle Andrew Thomas as well.

Live from Roger Goodell’s house, the (virtual) draft begins Thursday at 8 PM (ET), 5 PM (PT). 

Here are the Chargers 2020 NFL Draft picks:

Round 1 Pick (6th Overall)
Round 2Pick 5 (37th Overall)
Round 3Pick 7 (71st Overall)
Round 4Pick 6 (112th Overall)
Round 5Pick 5 (151st Overall) 
Round 6Pick 7 (186th Overall)
Round 7Pick 6 (220th Overall)

The Chargers nailed their new uniforms. The question remains will they nail a fan base that will support them this season? Let’s wait and see.

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