Outside of televised live sports and public access to the beach, the thing I miss most about normal life is grabbing a beer with the homies at the bar. There is no better feeling than hearing music you generally enjoy, sports on every television insight, and exchanging laughs with a group of your friends. 

Will Ferrell Drinking GIF by Saturday Night Live - Find & Share on GIPHY

For you, single guys and gals, mingling the night away. Dialing in for your best Tom Brady imitation with time expiring on the game clock. When the last call is announced and before the lights turn on to seal the deal with that smoke show blonde with a voluptuous rack or that 6’4” comic-book jawline Navy Seal. 

I would kill right now to stand in a Disneyland-style line to get into a crowded, sweaty bar where the music is blaring, having to pay for overpriced drinks, and gander across the room at the retired Frat guy striking out with a bonafide dime-piece. 

A tradition unlike any other.     

I have verbally and virtually displayed my disdain for the novel coronavirus. This country-wide quarantine is taking a toll on every member of American society. The restaurant and bar industry has plummeted causing numerous amounts of layoffs and the unemployment rate to skyrocket. These suffering places have to result in takeout orders only. 


I live in San Diego, California. The bar scene here is phenomenal. You have the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown, Old Town, Mission Valley, North Park, South Park, Encinitas, Mission and Pacific Beach. 

Speaking of Pacific Beach (PB), let me say this. PB is not quite the scene for everyone and that is okay. Similar to (new) media-darling Alex Rodriguez regaining the national spotlight. You either love the former cheater, errrr, I mean New York Yankee or you hate him. The same notion applies to your view on the bar scene in PB. 

Partaking in debauchery or not, every single person who has visited Garnett Avenue has made some sort of (hilarious) questionable decision. The kind where the morning after guzzling 14 adult beverages, you check all of your buddy’s Snapchat stories to make sure there is no potential blackmail. Classic!

Alas, I conducted a survey amongst my personal Instagram account’s followers. Shameless plug @willlgalvez. I asked a simple question; What Bar in PB Are You Hitting When the Quarantine Ends? 

 In order to get some results, I did the easiest marketing ploy in the book; Offered Free Money! 

Close to 100 of my followers participated. I created a virtual wheel with all of the names on there and spun. The lucky winner was. . .

HUNTER BILLHARDT! Bar of choice: Shore Club!

Congratulations Hunter! Mr. Billhardt is a close friend and a fraternity brother of mine during college. My man can shotgun a can of beer faster than Usain Bolt sprints in the 100-meter dash.

Indulge yourself with Shore Club’s signature, Vodka-Redbull Slushie!

Please stay home ladies and gentlemen. Everyone on the planet wants to go play outside again!

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