The SACK of the Week segment was a bit I created in college that magnified the ignoramus mistakes that Professional and Collegiate athletes, Coaches, and Celebrities would make. The kind of events that you would send your buddies in a group text and laugh about. 

Examples of earning SACK of the Week (S.O.T.W) honors in the past include Manchester United’s Kyle Walker hosting a steamy orgy during this COVID–19 global quarantine, New York Mets Outfielder Brandon Nimmo undercooking his chicken in Spring Training last year, or Jameis Winston (allegedly) shoplifting crab legs several years back.

My man, to this day, still says they were “a gift”. 

*Sidenote – I still believe Jameis deserves to be in the NFL Network’s Top 100 players for this past season. Winston joined the esteemed 30-for-30 club (30 TD’s, 30 Interceptions) while leading the league in passing. HISTORY!

Alas, the inaugural member SOTW for this brand new blog is suspended NASCAR racer, Kyle Larson. 

The 27-year-old was partaking in an iRacing (an online racing video game) event with plenty of followers listening. During the simulation, Larson lost connection for a brief moment and rather than a simple, “Check, Check, Testing 1-2-3, Can You Hear Me,” he went ahead and dropped a racial slur. 

Dude, you are not some racist 18-year-old virgin playing League of Legends in his parent’s basement who jerks off all day. Why would you casually drop the N-word? Knowing full-well a large fan base was listening/watching? You’re a professional athlete. Act like one.

Chip Ganassi Racing has terminated its contract with Kyle Larson. 

Hey Kyle, kiss those sponsorships goodbye. This could be as much as an eight-figure dollar mistake. 


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